Ancol Dreamland


Location : North Jakarta

Ancol lays vast about 300-hectare with the ocean view of Jakarta bay city. Ocean-side park is Jakarta's best entertainment area for all ages because of the beautiful panorama and sunset since in daily life they are getting so much busy with their daily activities.
Its not difficult to reach this destination. You can go with public transportation like train, bus, and taxi. But lately people getting easier facilities when Transjakarta busway prepare the bus to go to ancol.
Daily Lively performances of sea animals, a safe lagoon for boating and swimming, and a wide range of water sports facilities attract thousands of local and international visitors everyday. The grounds include a number of restaurants with local flavor or international flavor, hotels and nightclubs for some people who wants to spend their time for relaxing and having fun in night. Ancol can be place for relax and also recreatrion for Jakarta citizen and also for people who lives near by jakarta.
I visit Ancol many times to see the beach. Maybe the sand in Ancol beach not good like in other beach, but its good place for relaxing because Ancol is the nearest sea destionation in jakarta.
In Ancol, we also can going to Fantasy land and has good adventure. if you want to has water adventure, you can go to Atlantis or Ocean park. And there's also a place called sea world where's we can see the life inside the sea. The children loves it because they can see the shark, dolphin, and another animal who lives in the sea.
If you art lover, just go to Pasar Seni Ancol (Arts market) where's all about arts is there.
In ancol we also can find the hotels and cottage to stay. Thats also can be good idea to spend the holiday time and stay in the hotel or cottage in Ancol because you will see the beach and also try another experience in there.